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Nurse in Action towards Climate Change

Our Member Roumeline Aglipay who is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and in Norway is the first member to realize the Goal #1 (Strengthen the Role of Nurses in Climate Change) of Filipino Nurses Association in Nordic (FiNAN). You are truly a Nurse in Action!

Nurses are also advocates of Climate Change.

She will be back to Norway tomorrow to continue working in Sarpsborg Kommune, Valaskjold Omsorgssenter as a night shift nurse which she has been doing for six years now.

Evidence-Based Perspective of Climate Change to Patients: Heat waves significantly increase morbidity and mortality in patients with chronic lung disease (Witt et al 2015).

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Filipino Nurses Association-Nordic is a Non-Profit Organisation which aims in empowering Filipino Internationally Educated Nurses living in the Nordic Region. Founded in October 2018 to address the needs of Filipino Nurses and help future Filipino Nurses on how to become Registered Nurses in the Nordic Region.

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