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Roumeline’s Journey as a Norwegian Nurse

Norway Chapter. Roumeline’s Journey to Norway. You will hear more from her on our First General Assembly in September 2019! It was not an easy journey for her. 

Roumeline Aglipay, a graduate of B.S. Biology year 2001, thereafter B.S. Nursing year 2004. Immeadiately after passing the licensure exam, got a job at The Medical City in Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines. Worked as a staff nurse @ Surgery Ward and promoted as OIC, then Head Nurse of the same unit. Worked in TMC for almost 7 years.

My journey in Norway started in the year 2009. A Norwegian agency from Norway in collaboration with an agency in Makati, came visiting the hospital and recruited interested nurses, with a working visa, provided we pay the norwegian language course. It was a hard journey juggling between work and going to the language school, mainly because of the distance and time. For 3 months i worked night shifts and in the morning have to go to language school. Unfortunately, I was not lucky to go to Norway because of unexpected circumstances. I was discouraged and was convinced that I would never leave PI anymore. But came an opportunity again by the year 2012, this time with a student visa. Applicants/we payed all expenses. Finally set foot in Norway September of 2012. 

With a student visa, we have to pay everything again, from lodging, school tuition fees and allowances. I and a friend cleaned a house once every week just to have an income. It was hard applying for a job related to nursing mainly because of language barriers. I seeked advice to our guidance counselor in school and she helped me get in a nursing home for my language practice. Luckily , I passed my Norwegian language exam (norskprove 2 & 3). I was then offered a work with 11,6% and this was not much but i just have to grab that chance. With determination & push from a Filipina nurse working in the same unit as I am, I then took the Nasjonalefag thru online. Passed the exam and undergone 3 months practice in Geriatrics. After the satisfactory evaluation from my norwegian nurse mentor, i submitted every requirement to SAFH (Statens Autorisasjonskontor for Helsepersonell) and got my authorization as a nurse in Norway.

Currently working in Sarpsborg Kommune, Valaskjold Omsorgssenter as a night shift nurse for 6 years now.

Tears, sweat and blood pays off, I believe!





Filipino Nurses Association-Nordic is a Non-Profit Organisation which aims in empowering Filipino Internationally Educated Nurses living in the Nordic Region. Founded in October 2018 to address the needs of Filipino Nurses and help future Filipino Nurses on how to become Registered Nurses in the Nordic Region.

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