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Anndra Margareth Dumo’s Journey as a Nurse Researcher in Finland

My love and passion for the nursing profession started with I am still a little child. As a child, I remember that I easily get sick and the hospital seems to be my second home. I have witnessed the sorrow and pain of my parents and relatives every time I am hospitalized. Since then, it is my dream to be in the health sciences profession, in my mind “If I know something about health then I can take good care of myself and will not be a burden to my family and the society”.

Anndra Dumo (third from the right) representing the University of Eastern Finland at a conference in Singapore.

Pursuing nursing profession in the Philippines seems to be impossible for me by the time I am going to enter college because during that time my father needs to stop working due to his illness. It was one of the most challenging stages of my life. I want to go to college, but we can’t afford. Studying in the Philippines is very expensive, and it is not free especially in the nursing profession.

My mother decided to work aboard to support us in our studies. It was a big sacrifice to all of us. Growing without your mom at your side seems to be difficult at that young age. So, I work hard and study hard holding that dream that I will be able to be with my mother someday. It all pays off, I graduated as Cum-Laude in Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Philippines in Bachelor of Science in Nursing, then immediately continue my Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing.

After 1 year of voluntary work as a nurse, I am able to get a job as a Clinical Instructor in the same university where I graduated my BSN. I am able also to graduate my first master’s degree year 2014. After more than 5 years of service in our country, I decided to work abroad. I am lucky enough to work abroad as an Emergency Room Nurse and Infection Control Practitioner in Saudi Arabia. After that I decided to apply as one of the international students at the University of Eastern Finland, master’s in nursing science, Major in Health Promotion.

I decided to move to Finland because of the influence of my mother and relatives. I have heard from them that Finland is number one when it comes to the education system, research, and healthcare delivery system. I am really curious about what makes Finland excellent.

My first impression in Finland when I first arrive is that it is a calm and quiet place to live which fits my personality as I love space and silence. Finns seem to be shy and quiet at first but when you are able to establish good rapport and gain their trust, then you will be laughing the whole day with their amazing sense of humour.